Sunday, April 27, 2008

M and M Ice Cream Treat

The first treat that has been chosen to be reviewed is M and M's Ice Cream Treat, which is two sugar cookies that sandwich vanilla ice cream and toped with M and M's.

Overall rating the M and M Ice Cream treat was 1 thumb up, 2 thumbs sideways and 1 thumb down.


GaryZero said...

First off, sweet podcast!! Couple suggestions, have a visual recap at the end of all your votes maybe with visual of the product(s) too.

Overall great start.

Also maybe your mystery guest on the right should be closer to the table?

Do you guys review pizza?

Anonymous said...

They could possibly do treat pizzas, if that would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Always thought this was a good idea. Glad to see it live. Possible additions could be a graphic representation of the review scale. Also maybe the "nutritional" info and other items of interest on included on the blog.
Maybe in the future you could have a graph that includes the reviewers, treats and reviews. The history would give viewers an idea of what each reviewer tends to like, etc.

Anonymous said...

Cool Deal but I love those treats.

Anonymous said...

Does the kid with the guitar have a record deal yet?